Salmon and Trout fishing in Kerry

Beaufort House provides some of the finest trout and salmon fishing in Kerry. We have nearly two miles of single bank fishing on the River Laune, which runs through the estate. Writing in Trout and Salmon Magazine David Barr described the Beaufort House waters as “…..the nearest thing to paradise I have seen”

Lake Fishing on the Lakes of Killarney and mountain lochs and Sea Angling are both available locally.

The fishing season runs from 17th January to the 30th September each year. The best time for salmon is from mid April to mid May and from early September to the end of the season.

Beaufort House fishing

Salmon Flies

When the water is cold early in the season sinking lines are recommended with double handed fly rods. Best flies are ‘The Collie Dog’ with 5 inch wing, and a short red throat hackle, ‘The Comet’ – a 3 inch brass tube – a very good fly for spring salmon. ‘The Garry Dog’ another good Laune fly in big sizes – at least 2.5 inches.

As we move into April, the temperature of the water will be rising to the magic 48 degrees and staying there for most of the day, and now intermediate and floating fly lines can be used as salmon are more interested in what is happening at the surface. Best patterns are Silver Doctor, Thunder & Lightning, Thunder Stoat, Stoat’s Tail, Hairy Mary, Garry Dog, Blue Charm, and Lemon & Grey in sizes 2 to 6.

Trout Flies

The fishery has a good stock of wild brown trout with a good percentage of them in the 12 – 16 ounce range. We have a great variety of fly life – olives, sedges, stoneflies and terrestrials, including the hawthorn. On summer evenings the number of trout taking the blue winged olive and its spinners has to be seen to be appreciated. The trout can be difficult to tempt in the clear water and the best chance is at dusk with a dry fly and a fine tippet.

Wet fly fishing for brown trout can also be productive and the wet fly has the added bonus of occasionally attracting a nice Atlantic salmon.
Our favourite fly is the Golden Headed Hare’s Ear, a good fly for spring trout. It is tied like the Hare’s Ear described below with the addition of a gold bead at the eye of the hook. Other good wet flies are the Mallard and Claret, the Butcher, the Black Pennell, the March Brown and the Jungle Cock.

Suitable flies can be obtained on arrival but if enthusiasts wish to tie their own beforehand they might like to try:


The Hare’s Ear:
  • Hook Size: 12-16
  • Tying Silk: Brown or Olive
  • Rib: Fine Oval or flat gold tinsel
  • Tail: Guard hairs from a hare’s mask or fibres of guinea fowl
  • Body: Hare’s ear fur
  • Hackle: Body fibres picked out with a dubbing needle
The Devaux Sedge
  • Hook: Kamasan B170 sizes 10 – 12
  • Tying Silk: Black
  • Wing: Three feathers from the flank or breast of a mallard duck
  • Varnish and trim to shape
The Greenwells Glory
  • Hook size: Kamasan B170 12-16
  • Tying Silk: Yellow silk pulled through brown wax
  • Rib: Fine Gold wire
  • Tail: Greenwell Hackle Fibres
  • Body: waxed Yellow tying silk (olive hue)
  • Hackle: Greenwell Cock
Highly experienced ghillies can be arranged for guiding and tuition if required.